PhD thesis

Security of assembly programs against fault attacks on embedded processors

The subject used to be “Advanced security strategy for embedded systems”

This thesis was supervised by Karine HEYDEMANN (UPMC – LIP6), under the direction of Emmanuelle ENCRENAZ (UPMC – LIP6) and Bruno ROBISSON (CEA) as advisors. A part of those works have been carried with Amine DEHBAOUI (SERMA Technologies, previously at CEA).

This thesis deals with the security of embedded programs on microcontrollers against fault attacks. We propose an assembly-level countermeasure based on a fault model that has been obtained from dedicated experiments. More precisely, we work about securing assembly programs against attacks that can trouble the execution of instructions. An experimental process with electromagnetic pulses is used to induce faults on microcontrollers.

Keywords: fault injection attacks ; electromagnetic injection ; fault model ; verified countermeasures ; assembly ; instruction skip

CEA  LIP6UPMC EDITEMines Saint-Etienne


PDF Thesis manuscript (in French)
PDF Thesis defense slides (in English, translated from the original defense slides in French)
PDF Thesis abstract (in English, 2 pages)
PDF Thesis poster (in English, research day 2013 at Centre Microélectronique de Provence)


Defended at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris) on November 13th 2014.

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